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When your washer or dryer breaks down don’t let the dirty clothes pile up or start going to the laundromat. Call a reliable and affordable appliance repair service that provides same-day service.

The certified repairmen have the experience, tools, training to carry out common as well as complicated repairs on a single service visit. The repairmen stock their vans with manufacturer parts for the major brands and models of washers and dryers – including Carrier, Armstrong, Lennox, GE, LG, Kenmore, Bryant, Sears, Goodman, RCA and more!



The most common reason repairmen make service calls for washers is because the machine is making a loud noise. The most common reason for the noise is typically a worn belt, bad bearing, or a broken pump motor. These are all issues for which technicians carry the parts and tools needed and can fix the problem the same day.


When the washing machine won’t turn on, make sure it is getting electricity. Check to make sure it is plugged in and that the circuit breaker has not flipped off. Otherwise, the problem may be from a broken timer, thermal fuse, or door latch. If the washer turns on but does not agitate, the culprit is the transmission, drive belt, agitator cogs, or coupler. Call a licensed repairman and he will fix any of these problems the same day.


A broken wax motor, motor coupling or door latch are the usual reasons your washer will not spin. Don’t start washing your clothes by hand. Call a trained repairman for same day efficient service. They carry the part to fix this issue for any major brand.


When the washer overflows the trouble is usually caused by trouble with the air dome tube, water inlet valve, or water level pressure switch. These are routine same day repairs. Call a repair expert to schedule a same-day service call.


When the inlet hose or temperature control switch break your washer will not have hot or cold water. Repairmen fix this problem routinely. Call now to schedule a service call today.



Loud noises coming from the dryer are the most common cause of service calls for dryers. The problem is usually a worn belt lead or broken seal or bearings. Service technicians carry the parts and tools to fix these problems the same day you called.


When the dryer will not heat up, call an expert repairman for same-day service. This is typically caused by a broken high limit thermostat, cycling thermostat or heating element. Depending on how they malfunction, they can cause your dryer to produce no heat or heat up excessively. Call now to evaluate the issue and fix it today.


When the dryer does not turn on, make sure it is plugged in and the circuit breaker is on. When the dryer is plugged in but won’t start or tumble the problem is the high limit thermostat, cycling thermostat, or the heating element. Call an appliance repair professional for a same-day service call and they will repair or replace the defective part the same day.


When the dryer won’t turn off, this is usually from a broken timer or door switch. Technicians can fix this problem on any brand or model of dryer the same day that you call for help.


When the cycling thermostat or timer motor break the dryer will not advance and complete its cycle. Call an expert for a same-day service call and prompt repairs.

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